About Us

An independent EM group, with a focus on patient care.  

Compass Emergency Physicians partners with the St. Elizabeth Healthcare network of hospitals serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana area. It was founded by a team of EM physicians that place a high value on promoting a collaborative environment for Emergency Medicine physicians and APP’s alike. Our physicians are board certified and EM trained—which means our structure is based on a true peer approach to providing quality care to our patients in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana—while affording our providers the opportunity to shape the relationship they have with our group.

Our Mission.

At Compass Emergency Physicians, our mission and philosophy is clear. We’re here to practice the highest level of Emergency Medicine patient care at each of the St. Elizabeth Healthcare facilities. We’re an independent, locally owned, democratic practice. Your leadership works right beside you, and we also have strong integration between providers and the hospital, where provider input is valued and we have a voice about our practice. Founded by emergency medicine physicians, we are the architects of our practice and we continue to build the type of practice we need to remain empowered, engaged and happy both personally and professionally. Our philosophy is based on fostering a supportive small group environment that features the most fulfilling emergency physician jobs—while we consistently deliver top quality emergency medicine for our hospitals. 

Our Values.

We provide the highest quality of care for our ED patients and consistently align our group practice with the St Elizabeth Healthcare core patient values. We work hard to continually refine our EM procedures and to reduce door-to-provider time at each St. Elizabeth Healthcare location. Each one of us is dedicated to the group and in it for the long-term. This is our professional home and every provider on our team is part of something meaningful and enjoys manageable workloads, and an exceptional life-work balance that is well-supported. 

Our Patient Focus.

Every provider in our group works to maximize ED efficiency and best practices to prioritize patient comfort. In the ED setting, we want to be a trusted partner to patients from the minute they arrive in the ED until they are discharged or admitted. We strive to maximize the use of St Elizabeth Healthcare’s resources, staff and the latest EM technology. To be the best for our patients, Compass Emergency Physicians stays ready to move with the fast-paced change inherent in today's health care delivery system. We participate in patient satisfaction education and receive regular feedback to reinforce our initiative to always be the best we can be when it comes to patient satisfaction.

Our Approach.

Compass Emergency Physicians’ physician-led team knows what it takes to keep St. Eiizabeth Healthcare’s Emergency Departments running smoothly. Everything from operational efficiencies to risk management, cost control and patient satisfaction—our approach is to staff an emergency department that positively impacts both patient and employee satisfaction. Specifically, some of the outcome indicators we watch include:

  • Patient acuity

  • Emergency department procedures

  • Medical staff interaction

  • Lab processes

  • Resource utilization

  • Radiology and diagnostics

  • Charts

  • Patient interaction

  • Door-to-provider times

  • Patient satisfaction 

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